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Who Are We?

Wilson family at Wilcox PassEremos Life is about the outdoor adventures of the Wilson family. Our family includes Daddy Brent, Mommy Cherie, Big Sister Chloe (6 years old), and Little Sister Brielle (2 years old). We live near the Canadian Rocky Mountains in the beautiful province of Alberta! We enjoy hiking, camping, and other outdoor recreation. Come along on the journey with us as we share some of our adventures in the great outdoors! There, that is a little bit about Eremos Life!

What Does EREMOS LIFE Mean?

Eremos is the English transliteration of a Greek word that can be translated as “wilderness.” A form of this Greek word is used in Luke 5:16 (in the Bible):

But Jesus often withdrew to the wilderness for prayer.(Luke 5:16, NLT)

Eremos Life is about the adventures of a family, including adventures into the wilderness. Just as Jesus received renewal from His times of prayer in the wilderness, hopefully we will also experience renewal as we spend time in God’s creation!