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Eremos Life Video Episode 3 – Kananaskis Camping

Eremos Life video episode 3 is posted on our YouTube channel. This is from a weekend camping trip that our family went on in Kananaskis Country here in the Canadian Rockies of Alberta. Check it out and be sure to subscribe to the Eremos Life YouTube Channel get Cod warzone . There is a lot more video footage from our summer trips to be released as Eremos Life Episodes! I just need to put a bunch of đọc thêm time into going through the footage and editing it Youtube niches. There is footage from an early July trip to northern Idaho the best golf driver for slower swing speeds. There is footage from an early August camping trip in the Canadian Rockies looking for trainers in San Diego, Ca. There is lots of footage from our “big” trip cilip age com canoeing on Maligne Lake (in Jasper National Park) and backing the Berg Lake Trail (in Mt. Robson Provincial Park).

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