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What Is In the Bucket?

Do you have a bucket list?

A bucket list is a list of things that you hope to do during your lifetime. Maybe your list includes things like skydiving, learning to ski, visiting every continent on earth – things like that. Even if we haven’t written a bucket list, we probably all have some ideas of things that we would like to do.

This blog is about family adventures in the outdoors. I (Brent) am going to share some things in this post that I would love to be able to do as a family during my to get a fake id, This list in not necessarily complete, not necessarily in order of priority, and will likely change with time. I will give a brief explanation of each of the items on the list, and will sometimes even include a link to more information and stuff.

So here it goes!

Brent’s List

  • Sail in the Sea of Cortez – A beautiful sea with lots of marine life in northwestern Mexico. Here is a video by a sailing school that shows some of the beauty of this area.
  • Tour Israel – As a Christian and a fan of history, I think it would be really special to be able to see many of the locations where biblical events took place.
  • Paddle the Bowren Lakes Circuit by canoe – This prestigious paddle trip in British Columbia, Canada, involves a number of days of paddling, portaging and camping.Fake IDs, The way that the lakes and rivers are arranged in this location, it is possible to depart and return to the same vehicle parking area. For more information about this trip and a video description, check out this web page.
  • Hike to and stay in some Alpine Club of Canada huts – The Alpine Club of Canada has a number of huts located in some very spectacular places that climbers and hikers can stay in for a fee. To check out some of the locations, go to this web page.
  • Backpack in Newfoundland – Even though I have not yet been there, it seems apparent to me that the eastern coast of Canada has some very desolate and spectacular places. Check out a video here and a video here.
  • Sail Glacier Bay – I have been in Glacier Bay National Park in the US state of Alaska, but it was aboard a cruise ship. The place is beautiful and teeming with sea life. I would love to return on a sailboat sometime and spend more time exploring and just enjoying the raw beauty and peacefulness of the place! Check out this video and this trip report.
  • Sail or Canoe in Desolation Sound – Desolation Sound is located along the British Columbia Coast of Canada. The scenery is beautiful and the water temperature is warm (at least for this far from the equator!). Here is a video
  • Sail a Canoe – Yes, you did read that correctly! I have ordered a canoe (which we will be using this summer on our Maligne Lake camping trip. I plan to write a post sometime telling about the canoe that I have ordered and explaining a bit of the rationale behind choosing the canoe that I did.) Believe it or not, there are actually companies that sell sailing rigs for canoes. Sometime I would like to get something maybe like this one.
  • Hike the West Coast Trail – backpacking along the coastline in British Columbia, Canada. Check it out here.
  • Visit Patagonia – I have been to the South American country of Chile. But on my visit to that country, I did not go to the southern portion of the country. Patagonia sounds like a land of great vistas and adventures! Learn more about it here. I would specifically love to visit and photograph in Torres del Paine National Park!
  • Sail the British Virgin Islands – A beautiful tropical place in the Carribbean. Go here for more information about the BVIs.
  • Sail the Mediterranean – The Mediterranean region is pretty packed with history, beautiful scenery, and varied cultures. Plus, this region includes a number of biblical locations that would be great to visit! Here is a charter cruising website that gives some snapshots of some of the great locations in the Mediterranean.
  • Hike Across the Grand Canyon – I have visited the Grand Canyon in the US state of Arizona several times find fire sprinkler certification orange county. It is an awe-inspiring place. On our last visit there we hiked a little way down with related to the process in which it can be  into the canyon. But it would be quite an adventure to sometime hike from the north rim to the south rim of the canyon. Check out this site to get a bit of a picture of what is involved.
  • Circumnavigate the World On a Sailboat – Yeah, this one is a monumental one! But how cool would it be to visit so many diverse places in the world? A route would likely include a crossing of the Pacific to the islands of the South Pacific, visits to New Zealand, Australia, and Southeast Asia, crossing the Indian Ocean to round South Africa (unfortunately, going up through the Red Sea to the Mediterranean is not a good option at this time due to piracy issues), crossing the Atlantic, visiting the Miracle Movers from CA , Carribean, and then going through the Panama Canal to return to the Pacific Ocean.
  • Learn to Surf – I have tried it…several times. But I haven’t perfected my skill (or lack thereof) yet.
  • Go Paragliding – Looks like a lot of fun with a lot of options for where fly (coast, mountains, etc.).
  • Explore Locations In the Story Called Flee The Captor – I am intrigued by World War II stories maid near me. Flee The Captor is the story of a Christian man who helped bring many Jews across the French/Swiss border to safety. It would be fun to try to visit many of the locations mentioned in the book. Click this affiliate link to order the book from Amazon (note that I will likely earn a small commission on your purchase if you use this link).
  • Learn to Fly a 2 Line Airfoil Kite – watch for a future post about kites.

What is on your list? Share in the comments section below.

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